हल्दी के हाथ / Turmeric hands

I wrote this poem as a gift to my Mom, who celebrated her birthday a couple of days back. Happy birthday, Mumma!

आज भी जब बचपन को याद मैं करती हूँ,
कुछ यादें अलग सी गुनगुनाया करती हैं
याद आती है एक बच्ची जो कहानियॉं बनाती है
और एक मॉं जो उस पर मुस्कुराया करती है ।

कल की ही बात थी मैं अँधेरे से डरती थी
तो वो घर के हर कोने में मोमबत्ती रखा करती थी
मैं प्रार्थना करती थी रोज़ नई-नई चीज़ों की
और वो मेरी प्रार्थना के लिए प्रार्थना करती थी

सुबह भीगे बादाम होते थे नाश्ते के साथ,
सर्दी में काजू कोट की जेब में मिलता था
डॉंटती भी वो ही और चुपाती भी वो ही,
उनके आसपास ही संसार चला करता था

बिना खाने के सोने का सवाल ही नहीं था,
या मैं खा कर सोती थी या सोते सोते खाती थी
उनके हाथों से हल्दी की खुशबू आती थी
मैं लेटी रहती थी,  वो सर सहलाती जाती थी

मैं लेटी रहती थी,  वो सर सहलाती जाती थी

(English version)

Reminiscing my childhood even today
brings back memories that hum distantly.
They speak of a girl who often babbled stories
and a mother who would encourage instantly.

I used to be very scared of dark
so she kept candles in all the corners.
I prayed for a new thing every day
and she prayed for all my prayers.

Mornings meant soaked almonds with breakfast
and pockets full of cashews in cold weather.
Angry one moment and endearing the next,
all of my little world revolved around her.

There wasn’t the option of sleeping before dinner,
I dined before sleeping or slept while being fed.
Her hands would smell of turmeric and dreams
as she would daily tuck me into bed . . .

as she would daily tuck me into bed . . .

Creative Commons Licence
© हल्दी के हाथ / Turmeric hands by Neha Sharma is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

152 thoughts on “हल्दी के हाथ / Turmeric hands

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  1. Such lovely memories and sentiments!! I hope your mother read this beautiful poem. You brought me back in time when I was a little girl and I would talk non-stop and invent stories with my mother and she would patiently listen and looked so interested. How I miss her now! Thank for sharing this beautiful poem. Cheryl-Lynn

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      1. I could even smell the tumeric 🙂 you are a gifted writer. For someone who writes in another language, I am always in awe …bravo, my dear. And to now learn Russian…such a difficult language. I am trying to learn Spanish now. And would like to learn more Sanskrit to be able to understand beautiful mantras I listen to. I am getting old, so perhaps my bucket list is overflowing and I will continue in my next life 🙂

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