This post comes after a month-long delay, so I want to apologize right away for that! I was travelling and fell sick, followed by a slightly long recovery, thereby making me want to just lie down and read. That’s no excuse, but still I wanted to say that.I was trying to pick things up this week and barely completed the Nouns chapter, which basically means I got the rules but couldn’t wrap my head around all the examples. I intend to read it once more this week so that I can move ahead. I have heard the Russian verbs take a lot of time to master, so hope I reach there with a sound knowledge of nouns.

On a side note, I have started ‘War and Peace’ and it’s fantastic. Finished Book 1 and onto Book 2. Let’s see how that turns out.

Sorry for the short update. It’s hard to begin on challenges but it’s just harder to pick them back up again. Hope I see you again next week. пока-пока!