Project Prochnost: Week 15 & 16

When people tell you Russian is hard, they refer to the grammatical cases in the language, so when I tell you it’s been a hard week, you can probably guess which grammar chapter I am working on.

For those who might have learnt Sanskrit in school, the memory of grammatical cases is fairly recent. Instead of words such as to, with, of, by etc., Russian words have their endings modified to convey their context. These weeks were spent learning these and I kept confusing one case ending with another. Hope it gets better over time.

The funniest thing is that this is an update of two weeks and yet I have so little to offer. I found a pretty interesting youtube channel for Russian grammar and I have been consulting it for this chapter. I am currently doing cases for Nouns but the concept extends to a few other parts of speech in Russian, so that feels like a good future reward to watch out for.

The pictures of my cases’ practice are fairly boring and messy, so I am using an old picture. Hopefully I can post picture of English to Russian translations of basic sentences by next week. Till then, пока-пока!

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  1. Enjoyed reading the updates on your Russian lessons. Could you please share if you learning it on your own or at a language institute (India or elsewhere?). If you’d prefer, can mail at tiwarisac at gmail . Looking forward to spend some time in Russia. Thanks. – S

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  2. I feel you pain here, yes cases are by far the toughest part of Russian grammar, well that also verbs of motion. So basically with cases you’re learning 6 to 12 different spellings for each word, depending on their role in the sentence. But just think, your vocabulary is now greater than you originally thought. So if you know, say 100 nouns, in actuality, you know 600-1200 nouns, as far as the different spellings go that is. A least this is one way to look at cases in a positive way, Right?
    Knowing how and when to use them, well that’s another matter, but it’s a struggle for all learners of Russian.
    Good luck!

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      1. Yes, don’t fret, it will become easier and you’ll begin recognizing the patterns. You’ll get to the point were all this will become automatic, be patient, it’s not something you can rush. But, over time, with practice, you will get there.


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