IN Writing Retreat

When lockdowns began last year, it was just another day for me at home, considering my self-appointed job as an aspiring writer. There was the scare of a new, unknown disease looming in the backdrop, but I was still doing my same-old-same-old for the day.

In a world that seems like a writing collaboration between George Orwell and Michael Crichton, my notebook is still just as pristine and unwritten as it can be. This pandemic has hit all of us and the second wave, specially in India, has squashed life and hope like no other. I read somewhere recently that while the first lockdown was about searching for new hobbies and recipes to follow, this year is about plain survival. Staying alive and keeping your loved ones afloat. To say that work or efficiency for most professions has been impacted is honestly an understatement at this point and yet, it is.

Despite all this, I don’t believe I am the only writer out there who has felt peace through writing, even in the worst of times. Therefore, I am starting a virtual writing retreat where you can bring on any pending writing, edit work or whatever takes your fancy and sit down to write together. You can join and leave whenever you want and there will be no chit-chat. This is just a way to give each other company as we find solace in words in ways that only writers do.

Here is a link to the Whatsapp group regarding the same. Will post information on upcoming sessions here itself:

Hope we see each other soon.

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  1. I’m a bit late on putting my thoughts on this but its really good that you have started this initiative. The pandemic did hit pretty bad and getting together and writing has been therapeutic ever since. Keep up the good work, the crowd on wordpress seems to have reduced though, so I hope you consider posting the link elsewhere too, maybe if you’d like to get more people involved. Just a suggestion however.
    I’m trying to do my part in reviving and encouraging the remaining writers who I know here to write more by dropping in some warm comments and I hope to pass this on too! 😀
    Keep writing!


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