Dead Woman Walking

“Oh my God, we’re not going to burn, are we?”

First things first, this book has gotten me off the idea of hot-air balloon rides for quite some time in my life, if not forever. Now, back to the review.

The book opens with a promising morning gone wrong as the twelve passengers and the pilot of a hot-air balloon witness a murder of a young woman below them. The murderer sends a deadly shot their way as a consequence, leaving them helpless in a pilotless balloon that eventually crashes with no survivors except one. A woman who is effectively the only person now who knows what actually happened onboard. Add to that the fact that the murderer saw her looking at him just as she snapped his pictures and knows that she is alive.

What follows is a cat-and-mouse chase between a woman with a strong survivor instinct against a murderer on a remorseless killing spree. But why doesn’t she just get in touch with police, you wonder? This book is more questions than answers in the beginning but give it some time. There was some warm light-heartedness, thanks to the addition of crime-solving Catholic nuns.

The intricacies of the story just showed how well-researched the book was, as it delved in themes ranging from death and loss to murder and trafficking and then brought them all together. If you love good suspense thrillers, this is the perfect book to curl up with!

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