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Scrabbles with Rumi

“What you seek is seeking you.” – Rumi

An eagle faces the same dilemma as other birds during the rains. To fly or not to fly. It picks the former and flies above the clouds. Every day, every individual encounters their own version of rains and the following dilemma: to fly or not to fly. Their choice chooses them. Continue reading “Scrabbles with Rumi”

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The sciency science of Indian food

The lure of Indian food and its lip-smacking diversity is well-known. If you ask any Indian living abroad, it’s perfectly possible that he/she confesses missing the food more than their own family! Can you guess the reason, after all? Continue reading “The sciency science of Indian food”

To the land of budding book lovers

A few weeks back, I received a Whatsapp text. My Muscovite friend Katya, of whom I talk all the time in my Prochnost updates, was up to something awesome again. She had switched jobs recently and the ‘Kniga Worm‘ that she is (no literally!), she decided to get the kids in her new school excited about books by, get this, blogging about books!

Continue reading “To the land of budding book lovers”

The Damsel in Distress

Flipping through the pages of yet another piece of fiction, I had an epiphany. There was something wrong. The book was well-paced. Nice plot. Then what was it? After a few moments of silence, I got the answer.

Continue reading “The Damsel in Distress”


Hiraeth is a Welsh word that refers to the longing for a home that no longer exists.

Continue reading “Hiraeth”

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The Politics of the ‘top’ of the World

Europe in the centre and the world pretty much around it. A mere coincidence or a remnant of the world’s colonial past? Continue reading “The Politics of the ‘top’ of the World”

Turtles all the way down

I visited a lovely nearby cafe this Sunday which serves amazing waffles alongside a selection of books you can read while enjoying your food. As I picked up ‘A Brief History of Time’ by Stephen Hawking, I was greeted by one of the best introductory pages ever written for a book (at least for me). Continue reading “Turtles all the way down”

Faulty translations & Martian tales

Did you know that the fans of science fiction owe the greatest thanks to an incorrectly translated Italian word around the 1800s? Continue reading “Faulty translations & Martian tales”

A succinct history of advertising

If you were an adult living in the U.S. in the 1850s, you wouldn’t find anything wrong with your times. However, if you were to time-travel there from today, the newspapers of that time are going to be a surprise. Why? Continue reading “A succinct history of advertising”

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