This was such a fascinating read. To think of what we achieved together as one nation and then put it in perspective of all the horrors that our separation caused!


Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.


Last week I had an urge to find Sir Ganga Ram Agarwal Ashram and photograph it. I didn’t have much of a difficulty to locate it as its in Evacuee Trust Building occupied by Department of Health at 2-Court Road Lahore. Its situated near City courts and Law College Hostel. I was a bit disappointed as expectedly the place is a symbol of neglect. Ganga Ram Heritage Trust and Ambedhkar Trust has been allotted two rooms there from where they run their official matters. It was built in memory of great Sir Ganga Ram by his two sons as an Ashram better known as β€œAgarwal Ashram”.

This scenario can be juxtaposed against the shameful incident in 1947, when a rioter placed a garland of shoes around the statue of Sir Ganga Ram outside the Lahore Museum. The rioter was shot by…

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