To the land of budding book lovers

A few weeks back, I received a Whatsapp text. My Muscovite friend Katya, of whom I talk all the time in my Prochnost updates, was up to something awesome again. She had switched jobs recently and the ‘Kniga Worm‘ that she is (no literally!), she decided to get the kids in her new school excited about books by, get this, blogging about books!

As great as this sounded, I was confused as to how she would make this happen. When she sent me the final blog link, I asked her the same question and here’s her secret: She reads books to the kids and takes their opinions on it and frames a book review for each kid, both in English and Russian.

Even as I clicked on the link, I had no idea the excitement I was in for when I read the adorable book reviews there. Here’s a favorite excerpt from ‘Diary of a Monster’ by Luka of grade 1A, Luka being the name of one of her students:

I learned something new about monsters. It turns out they can also be afraid of other monsters.

When she told me that she is receiving calls from the kids’ parents because they can’t wait to read these reviews alongside their morning coffees, I really wasn’t surprised. Teachers like her are the unsung heroes of our world and I am so happy to have a friend like her.

Her passion is evident on this blog, which is a delight to people who want to look at books from the perspective of kids. Here’s the link:

Book House Primakov

P.S. The home page displays both English and Russian posts in a scroll. You can click on ‘Reviews’ for reading only the English translations. Also, she has recently joined the WordPress community and has a blog for her personal work too. It’s titled ‘Kniga Worm’, where Kniga is the Russian word for books. This title suits her so well, right? 🙂

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