Literary Lemonades

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The Ideal Date

“What would an ideal date be like to you?”

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India, the sentiment.

I woke up this morning to the sounds of Vande Mataram, right outside my bedroom window in my society’s grounds. Continue reading “India, the sentiment.”

Dew – a haiku

After my prior failed attempt to write a haiku, I gathered some courage to give it another go. Do share what you all think of it! Continue reading “Dew – a haiku”

The Politics of the ‘top’ of the World

Europe in the centre and the world pretty much around it. A mere coincidence or a remnant of the world’s colonial past? Continue reading “The Politics of the ‘top’ of the World”

Love in the shades of rainbow

A little attempt to sprinkle the shades of rainbow over my deepest emotions for him ❤

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