Reverse Evolution 1.0

Recently, I read about an interesting phenomenon. Imagine that you are offered a gold coin right now or two gold coins tomorrow. What would you pick? Most of us would pick two coins later and for good reason.

Within the animal kingdom, this ability to delay instant gratification for future satisfaction is most evolved in human beings. Some of us are even able to delay instant results for years, compared to pigeons and chickens who can only hold up for a few seconds. It all sounds like such a simple fact but think about it, really. This one thing has such huge consequences for our species.

Now imagine that this goes away. It sounds crazy but this is happening today. With the rise of social media, we as a generation are losing our attention spans. Look around you and you will find that even the advertisements today are shorter compared to the ones a decade back for this very reason. Our generation has become simply incapable of focusing for longer durations. It’s probably just nowadays when three-line tales typed in Italics over nature’s backgrounds is the utmost interaction people have with the written word, and even that is because it is ‘SHAREable’ and ‘LIKEable’ easily.

The tiny tale you shared on Facebook today might have been really good but that’s not the point. We have the wisdom worth a thousand years in a zillion books across the world and we choose to spend time on ‘Cat vs Dog’ memes. We are imposing some sort of reverse evolution on ourselves and it has to stop. Do you want to be a part of the change? Trying to enjoy the aroma of your morning coffee instead of the number of likes it fetches you can be a good start. Being lost in the moment is a much nicer alternative to being present on someone else’s social media feed.

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      1. It does, doesn’t it. We feel happier with the umpteen choices, forgetting that we have become slaves to their cold glances. I wish I could go back to the 18th century rather.

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        1. Haha. Well I wouldn’t want that because my gender would have to succumb to lot more sexism in that time. Other than that, it would have been a good idea though πŸ™‚

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          1. Agreed! Oh I would, avoiding all the sexism of that age and time, prefer sitting amidst a grove of trees read, or lead my herd of sheep over gentle slopes. I’d have no choices and I’d be happier I presume. πŸ™‚

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  1. Have you seen that video of testing gratification in young kids and evaluating their rates of success later? Gratification is directly proportional to success. Choosing now what will make sense later, we really need to develop that sense.

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    1. I haven’t seen it, so please share the link. I agree that the ability of choosing what would make sense later is a trait becoming more and more scarce these days.


  2. Love this, you think like I do. It’s not social media, it’s called β€œSocial Needia” these days. If I ever got a FB page, I’m going to name myself Nobody, that way when I like someone’s picture, it’ll say Nobody likes this picture. People are so caught up with tech, buzz, feed and gigs. I read books and people think I’m weird, they tell me to download it. You are so right, people are broke these days, can’t pay attention for nothing. Smell their coffee? Google can do it for them.πŸ˜‰. Society needs to step back and un spoil themselves. Great post lovely.🌹🌹

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  3. The Generation got used to with the speed at which everything’s done in the present time. I mean………
    The Life has become so fast, so things like Attention or Focus are declining and we want instant gratification.
    Actually this is a very wide range topic. May be I’ll write a separate post on it……
    Keep up the brilliant work Neha…..

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  4. A great post Neha! And it’s not just your generation, it’s mine too. Social media and the endorphin burst from positive feedback not only is addictive but changes the brain into an organ craving the momentary highs.
    I’m having to retrain myself to relax and read books again!

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  5. This is eye-opening and so captivating. Just the other day, my friends and I were discussing these ‘three letter tales’ or whatever, which we agreed were uber-creative but lacked in so many things. Thank you for pointing this out and I feel out generation really is lacking in so many things, patience being one.

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    1. I agree so much, Sumedha! These quick bites of literature are definitely creative but the fact that they have become the only daily interaction with the written word poses a problem. I once wrote on ‘Petrichor’ and one specific line is coming back to my mind:

      ‘Just like the digital world full of clickbaits, people started putting their best, catchiest, most interesting aspect forward. Eventually, everyone and everything started having USPs while simple joys of life stopped having one.’


  6. This is an eye-opener.
    I think this is part of the circle of life. Earlier humans had the strength to delay instant gratification for future satisfaction. Now, with the advancement in technology we have everything at our fingertips, we want instant gratification. Again a very tiny population is getting inclined towards spirituality and meditation to slow things down in their life. So we can expect to have future satisfaction at cost of instant gratification back.

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    For the last 2 years – in the summertime i give up social media. And this year, when i did it – i loved it. I feel like no need of going back. (which includes instagram basically). And this post just hit me up. this is the reason – i havent been available for things that do not matter.
    Thanks for this post. ❀
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    This really made me happy!!!!!!!!!!

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