The power lies within you

When these gliding bits of paper
sway and float in the sky,
resemble an epitome of human ardour
high and high and high!

When perturbed, they do hesitate
and creep with an altering might
but yet do not ever directly settle back
just by imagining the forthcoming flight.

Being lifeless, it has such high morales,
while being humans we don’t even think
that if a non-living can strive for itself so much,
how can difficulties make humans shrink?

With every high and low, with every up and down,
We feel like losing up patience,
Forgetting about an ant that just crosses all hurdles
To reach its destined place.

Failure just denotes the postponing of victory,
It’s not a cancellation of your triumph,
But think of the chances to win that you lose
While giving up all your attempts.

You are the solution to your every problem,
every remedy rests within you.
Peep deep into your very soul,
The power lies within you!

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