This poem is the byproduct of anger against the burning of over 30 schools in the Kashmir valley amidst civil unrest. It is disturbing to see how low humanity can stoop and what horrors it can bring forth.

The evening is silently approaching
And everyone seems to be on a run.
But something wrong is visible above,
it’s the illness of the setting Sun.

Set high above and having seen it all,
Even Sun is sickened with all new wrongs,
“One moment the animals yet to discover fire
Are now setting fires to both weak and strong!”

He ailed to see the crumbling feet
of humanity towards the depths of past
A race that came right from the caves
Is laying groundwork to go back to the start.

And thus the Sun prophesied against
the ones pelting stones at the impressionable minds.
“One day will come when each such child
Would pick the same stone, chiselled and shined
To the shape of pens, to write new destinies
Against those who handed those stones to them,
And thus would again return the world
To the times when justice and reason’s at helm.”