The Illusion of Choice

In a world where female athletes are comfortably mocked on their lack of femininity and girls are expected to ‘look like girls’, it’s necessary to emphasise how women, even today, face an illusion of choice.

“You aren’t wearing that”, came yet another voice,
And yet again I wondered why isn’t it my choice?
Why do girls ‘have to look right’ even for the task of
‘Mentioning’ to society that we don’t ‘need to look right’?

My brain is done with all this noise,
Unable to believe that it still isn’t a choice.

It’s manly for a man to not care for his clothing
And its boorish for a girl to want to live in her jammies.
The girls who marry have to ‘look married’
And the girls who bring laurels have to prove their ‘femininity’.

People! It’s our life, let us take care of poise.
I might like dressing up, provided it remains my choice!


Copyright © Neha Sharma

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