“Nothing in the real world is as beautiful as the illusions of a person about to lose consciousness.” 

I loved this book and I am speaking as a part of the workout-twice-an-year millennial generation.

To begin with, it’s Murakami and it’s so gorgeously written you will do fine even forgetting what it is about and savor its dreamy sentences on its own, but I digress. The book is roughly around what prompted the author to pick running and how it helps him write better and think better. Specifically, it is about his life as an author and an athlete and how his these two passions support one another. While it is common to hear of artists who frequently burn out with the ever-demanding nature of their professions, here is a man for whom his art is meditation.

I loved the descriptions of his runs and his runner’s high episodes, though some people might find that not as interesting. Even if you aren’t looking for a book to motivate you to become health-conscious, read it for understanding the inner workings of a brilliant mind that finds more joy in the journeys than the destinations.