The Ideal Date

“What would an ideal date be like to you?”

“Like nothing.”

“Like what?”

“Like nothing. I love the nothingness. What exactly do we do when we are together? Nothing. We sit inside watching a TV series. We sit outside in the garden in utter silence. The sheer beauty of the fact that we are together reduces the need to fill our moments with a name-able activity to a blank nothing.

My ideal date? Binge-watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S with you on the couch as we wait for the pizza delivery. And when someone asks me later what I did over the weekend? I would say Nothing.”

Copyright © Neha Sharma

82 thoughts on “The Ideal Date

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  1. I totally agree with this…the nothingness is a lot and truly, when we just sit together, nothing else matters and the presence is just enough till the weekend is over and we are back to our regular lives of a 9 – 6. Lovely read.

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  2. I like the thought! It’s hard to find someone who’s willing to go through the “nothing” with you, we think it’s just a simple daily activity but if the person is able to appreciate the moment being with us in simpleness, then that’s what we truly should be looking for 🙂

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