पुकार / Calling

When it comes to your calling, logic doesn’t work straight. These lines are dedicated to my calling for the written word ❤

किसी को लय पुकारती है, किसी को मय पुकारती है,
कोई सुध-बुध खो देता है बस देखके कला
मुझे पुकारती है कलम और दवात कि वह स्याही
जिसको जवाब देता है मेरा दिल, मनचला ।

(English version)

Some seek the tune, some seek the drinks
and some find peace just looking at art.
I am sought by the pen and ink,
that I seek back with all my heart.


Copyright © Neha Sharma

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    1. Thank you for the nomination! It is such a compliment. I am running a lot late on my awards, but I will definitely get on with this one soon enough. Thanks again for considering me 🙂


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