Giving way to the stone hindering your path,
you changed your route, despite all power.
Oh Water! I feel just like you:
forced to mould with many a scar.

Blue on land and white in the clouds.
You even take colours of the things you touch.
I find it hard to embrace change, Water!
My past stays forever my crutch.

The seas of my heart are constantly pushed
and my territories snatched, without my say.
I see you reclaimed often, as an ocean.
How do you still stay quiet that way?

And then the water replied back:
You speak of me yet seek for you.
I crack through stones when pushed too long
and I paint this whole planet blue.

There is no weakness in giving the way;
weak are they who fight no more.
There is no harm in embracing the change;
harmed are those who change no more.

I am life and life is me,
it keeps me both drunk andΒ sober.
When pushed too far, I give things a way,
right until I decide to just wash over . . .

Creative Commons Licence
© Water Verse by Neha Sharma is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Photo by Darina Cico