The moon has no light of its own and merely reflects sunlight while the stars we see have their own lights. Still, the world celebrates the moon owing to its bigger size as compared to the twinkling stars. Sometimes, this happens with people too.

चाँद तो चुराता है रोशनी सूरज की मगर
तारों के पास तो खुद का नूर है ।
फ़िर भी ये चाँद रात को ऐसे खिल जाता
जहाँ तारे सिर्फ़ टिमटिमाने को मजबूर हैं ।

Copyright © Neha Sharma

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  1. Very true and I love your words because they explain that the world doesn’t see what it isn’t willing to see beyond its own two eyes. They see the moon for its beauty, not that it’s radiated by the stars. The sun is the biggest star of all but it’s rarely complimented on its beauty, although people do say it’s pretty hot😂. Perception is everything lovely and you’re right, some people are bigger than they should be because of the people behind them. Great post!🌹🌹

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  2. Wow. You are a talented writer. Beautifully interpretated the moon and stars with people. I look forward to seeing more of your work

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  3. I correlate it with a quote saying “talent sadko pe mehnat karta hai aur taqdeer mahlon me aaram”.
    Your write-ups are awesome. I invite you to please visit my vblog and give me your two minutes and listen to my poem, would be happier if you share feedback.

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