Blackmails for tea :D

It’s evening already and I want a cup of tea but don’t really want to make it, which is where my younger sister comes to my rescue. Here’s a little blackmail poem I just wrote for her over messages πŸ˜€

Looking sideways and looking ahead,
there is just one thing that makes me dread.
No ginger in the kitchen or no sibling to wake
to make me tea for love’s sake!


Copyright Β© Neha Sharma

41 thoughts on “Blackmails for tea :D

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          1. Lucky you to have sister who makes you tea .
            Out of sheer laziness I missed my cup and left for work … here I am craving for it after reading about your tea😣

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            1. Come over and she will make tea for the both of us. I am the elder sister, you see πŸ˜› πŸ˜›


            2. Oh, that rhymes! You almost wrote a poem there, Sakshi. Guess I am not the only one tea is inspiring here πŸ˜›


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