“What you seek is seeking you.” – Rumi

An eagle faces the same dilemma as other birds during the rains. To fly or not to fly. It picks the former and flies above the clouds. Every day, every individual encounters their own version of rains and the following dilemma: to fly or not to fly. Their choice chooses them.

When it comes to taking life advice, listening to Rumi sounds so old school. Even crazier sounds the idea of playing word games with him! I mean who would dare, right? Yet, the idea of countering his ‘SEEK’ with my ‘CREATE’ is a late-night thought of mine that I can’t seem to part with.

“What you create is creating you.” ( – Me)

We, as writers, strive everyday to sew words together into a myriad of ways, old and new. However, these acts of creation are never one-sided. They transform you in return. They convert you into that Ship of Theseus whose bits were changed so gradually that it feels old and new, right at the same time.

In fact, every ounce of knowledge we gain changes us just as much as we change it to fit it into our existing belief systems. Our professions, our interests, our inclinations and our dislikes mutually conspire to make us the person we become. Though the fabric of our timelines gets weaved in with our lives, it fails to secure our creation to us because a creation finds a timeline of its own. It exists independent of us and it outlives us.

That is the only absolute truth in our realities of relativities. If you want to live a lifetime, continue with your life. If you want to live beyond your lifetime, create something worthwhile. When you create something, you add it to the universe. You address a void in the universe and you fill it. Nobody can take it from you and nobody can change it, not even you, once it has taken its course. If that’s not the bravest form of mutiny, I don’t know what is.

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