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‘The DNAs of Chimps and humans are 96% similar and it appears that the similarities doesn’t end with genetic structure itself ‘. Such a heartbreaking and moving post!

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“Do you know why Kiri is kept in a cage, alone and away from rest of the chimps?” The caretaker enquired

It was a sunny afternoon and the “zookeeper for a day” at Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre (UWEC) in Entebbe (Uganda) was proceeding in an amazingly awesome way. During the first day in African soil I had pleasant interactions with a cheetah, Edward –the cute baby elephant, Charles – another young elephant, giraffe, and even rhinos. Now I guess you would agree with my “amazingly awesome” adjective!!! Just when I thought I won’t be able to handle anymore African awesomeness I was told by the caretakers that next I’ll be taken to Chimpanzees’ shelter. Uganda and Rwanda offer trekking opportunities to watch Gorillas and Chimpanzees in the wild but exuberant price of packages were too hot to handle for the humble backpacker from Kerala. So I was more than…

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On “Person-First Language”: It’s Time to Actually Put the Person First

‘When a language rule—which was created specifically to respect people’s agency and personhood—gets in the way of actually respecting the person in front of you, it’s time to ditch the rule.’

Such a brilliant and enlightening piece!

Radical Copyeditor

Speech bubbles illustrating the difference between "person-first language" and "person-centered language"Full image description.

Language is a tool. It can make our worlds bigger or make them smaller. It can be used to create connection or to cause harm. It can affirm or it can disparage.

When it comes to how we describe marginalized aspects of ourselves or others—things that are perceived as “not normal” by the mainstream—language matters a whole lot, because how we talk or write about ourselves and each other can either affirm the value of diversity and difference, or demean people who are different from the idealized norm.

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The Builder of Lahore (Sir Ganga Ram Agarwal)

This was such a fascinating read. To think of what we achieved together as one nation and then put it in perspective of all the horrors that our separation caused!


Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.


Last week I had an urge to find Sir Ganga Ram Agarwal Ashram and photograph it. I didn’t have much of a difficulty to locate it as its in Evacuee Trust Building occupied by Department of Health at 2-Court Road Lahore. Its situated near City courts and Law College Hostel. I was a bit disappointed as expectedly the place is a symbol of neglect. Ganga Ram Heritage Trust and Ambedhkar Trust has been allotted two rooms there from where they run their official matters. It was built in memory of great Sir Ganga Ram by his two sons as an Ashram better known as “Agarwal Ashram”.

This scenario can be juxtaposed against the shameful incident in 1947, when a rioter placed a garland of shoes around the statue of Sir Ganga Ram outside the Lahore Museum. The rioter was shot by…

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Project Prochnost: Week 11

When I used to think of Russia earlier, I used to think of cold weather, beautiful architecture and great writers. Today, I think of it in much more vivid terms. Orenburg shawls. Imperial porcelain. Valenki and samovars. Podstakanniks. Ah! The list is too long.Continue reading “Project Prochnost: Week 11”

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