I thought one day that between gold and copper
who is the one better and deserving?
Gold, the one famous for its lustre and beauty,
or copper that makes it enduring.

Both seem similar in the outer appearance,
then who is actually more appealing.
Behind the glitters of identical fresh surfaces,
who is the one truly deserving?

The difference lies in the manner they both
handle the flames of fire,
the way they face, the way they stand,
the way they react in their pyre.

When subjected to fire, or its pyre in the fire,
Gold goldenly melts and turns even pure,
dedicating all impurities to the wrath of heat,
thus transforming fire into a cure.

Contrastingly, the copper blackens
and it really blackens all the whole.
Beauty destroyed, lustre destroyed,
destroyed is now its very soul.

That is where the difference lies
between gold and copper actually.
Gold utilises fire to burn up its flaws,
while copper just eats up itself gloomily!