Another week has come to an end and it’s been pretty great. Like I mentioned last week, it took me some time to get comfortable with Cyrillic alphabets and it’s indeed better after a fortnight.

On Monday, I had the questionable idea of subscribing to a Russian podcast to increase my familiarity with the language. I failed, obviously(!), to understand a single sentence but this incident taught me something important: All in good time.

I realised I was probably rushing things, so I have finally decided to focus on building my Russian vocabulary first and foremost. In simple words, a lot of writing practice of Parts of the body, Days of the week, Meals of the day and so on. I am hoping this would work because this is exactly how we were taught languages in the school as well.

To sum it up, my 45 minute timer seems to fly by these days, probably because the script feels familiar and a slowly-expanding vocabulary adds to some confidence. My writing practice makes my Duolingo sessions a lot more fruitful, so if you are trying to learn a new language, try throwing in some writing practice in the mix. Works like a charm!

P.S. The featured picture, just like last time, is a click of my practice notebook, where I practiced names of parts of the body. It lists the Russian words for eyes, head, hair, neck and nose. Like I said, one step at a time 🙂
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