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Project Prochnost: Week 12

This week was low-key in terms of writing practice, so the cover picture is a repeat. Now that I straightened that out, something interesting happened, you guys! 🙂

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Project Prochnost: Week 11

When I used to think of Russia earlier, I used to think of cold weather, beautiful architecture and great writers. Today, I think of it in much more vivid terms. Orenburg shawls. Imperial porcelain. Valenki and samovars. Podstakanniks. Ah! The list is too long. Continue reading “Project Prochnost: Week 11”

Project Prochnost: Week 9 & 10

I know I know! Week 9 & 10? Talk about being lazy, but no. I have finally, finally finished ‘Culture Shock! Russia’ and I have so much to talk about.

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Project Prochnost: Week 8

One of those moments in life when you think you got it under control but you don’t. At the outset, I felt that this one project is going to be my personal path to discipline but then life happened. I was unable to give as much time as I would have liked to devote to my Russian practice this week. Continue reading “Project Prochnost: Week 8”

Project Prochnost: Week 7

There is one term for the past week and it is all that. No literally, it is ‘all that’. I did some fresh writing and some progress on a couple other goals alongside ProchnostContinue reading “Project Prochnost: Week 7”

Project Prochnost: Week 6

There are probably a hundred different things that I did this week but Russian practice wasn’t one of them. I was attending a friend’s wedding and was back home only by the middle of the week, something that resulted in taking care of a lot of other things but that’s not my excuse. I am just sorry to have neglected my studies. Continue reading “Project Prochnost: Week 6”

Project Prochnost: Week 5

As much as I planned to pursue grammar this week, I couldn’t study it much due to my pending vocabulary practice. I am attending a friend’s wedding this weekend, so more of Duolingo next week and less of writing is in order. However, I have found an app for Basic Russian vocabulary, so that sounds pretty convenient on the go. Continue reading “Project Prochnost: Week 5”

Project Prochnost: Week 4

When I began with Russian, I tailored my approach rather unconventionally, with learning the script before reading even the first thing about its grammar. It worked out pretty well for me as within three days of week 1, I was able to write and pronounce Russian correctly. So that was that! Continue reading “Project Prochnost: Week 4”

Project Prochnost: Week 3

If I have to choose one word to describe my Russian practice over the past week, it would be ‘Maths’. I practiced writing names of Russian numbers AND struggled way too much getting singular-plural exercises right. Phew! Continue reading “Project Prochnost: Week 3”

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