Project Prochnost: Week 8

One of those moments in life when you think you got it under control but you don’t. At the outset, I felt that this one project is going to be my personal path to discipline but then life happened. I was unable to give as much time as I would have liked to devote to my Russian practice this week.

Yes, I did get some pending work completed but that is no excuse for what happened this week, for the second time in the past month no less. Even last week, I met my deadlines on the edge and the cover picture of Week 7 ended up having a spelling mistake on that account. This week, I am repeating that picture as a reminder of the kind of stuff that happens when you don’t manage time well.

Irrespective of how it might be reflecting on my motivations, I haven’t lost one iota of interest in learning Russian. I have just been involved with a lot of other things, something that I should have taken into consideration when I took the decision to follow through this project in the first place but I digress. I just hope that I walk my talk by the time the next week arrives. Thanks for reading this!

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