Project Prochnost: Week 5

As much as I planned to pursue grammar this week, I couldn’t study it much due to my pending vocabulary practice. I am attending a friend’s wedding this weekend, so more of Duolingo next week and less of writing is in order. However, I have found an app for Basic Russian vocabulary, so that sounds pretty convenient on the go.

Another interesting update is that I have started with the book ‘Culture Shock Russia!’ based on the recommendation from a friend. So far, it’s a wonderful read and gives a great insight into Russian culture without ever getting too information-heavy. It is a great supplement to my learning process.

There is another topic I have been meaning to talk about for quite some time. Whenever we speak in our mother tongue, it sounds so heartfelt as the words come so effortlessly. This experience of building my vocabulary in another language is constantly bringing me to better terms with my mother tongue, or rather gratitude towards my parents for filling my childhood with wonderful poems and tales. Even today, my mental voice for Hindi poetry is of my father while my mother’s steadfast approach to regular practice dictates my learning methods. This new-found gratitude is so far the most unexpected result of my Project Prochnost.

Just as I add words for friend, tomorrow, fairytale, water and so on to my Russian vocabulary, words that I take for granted in my mother tongue, I feel amazed at the depth of language acquisition we did as kids! No wonder it is still a topic of research.

P.S. The cover picture is a click of my practice notebook in which I have written some of the Russian words that I have been learning. See you next week. пока пока!
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