Project Prochnost: Week 7

There is one term for the past week and it is all that. No literally, it is ‘all that’. I did some fresh writing and some progress on a couple other goals alongside Prochnost

As was decided long back, I am referring to proper Russian grammar textbook which hasn’t really made my life easier, as of now. Too much of headaches based on soft consonants, hard consonants, palatalisation and what not! On the bright side, however, a lot of vague guesses of mine (Yep, I guess grammatical rules!) have been clarified, so I am glad about that.

As far as my writing practice is concerned, I am just putting more effort into building a suitable vocabulary. It is one thing to know the rules but what’s important is to know the words to be plugged in. That is by far the most meditative part of my learning process. Hope I keep enjoying it in the future as well.

P.S. The cover picture is yet another click of my practice notebook. See you next week. пока пока!

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