Project Prochnost: Week 6

There are probably a hundred different things that I did this week but Russian practice wasn’t one of them. I was attending a friend’s wedding and was back home only by the middle of the week, something that resulted in taking care of a lot of other things but that’s not my excuse. I am just sorry to have neglected my studies.

There was, however, one highlight of my week that meant so much. It was meeting a wonderfully passionate person who is learning French for that country’s culture and travel, and not like some sort of resume-enhancing perk. It was like yet another way that languages can bring people together, although in this case there were two different languages involved 😀

There is a pretty random thought that has been in my head for quite some time and I finally put it to words this week, so that was a win. All in all, interesting week but not so good in terms of Russian practice, so even my cover page is a repeat from Week 4 to serve as a reminder of my neglect. Hope I catch up well next week. пока пока!

Week 5 Update
Why am I learning Russian?
Week 7 Update

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